Create beautiful custom Celtic Knotwork borders, embellishments, backgrounds, photo frames and more for scrapbooking!


It's NOT a lettering font (although we include one for free) - it's a design tool that creates patterns by typing!

All of the Celtic knotwork on this site was created with the Celtic Knot Font.

The Celtic Knot Font is perfect for scrapbooking!

Vertical Celtic knot

Create unique Celtic knotwork on your computer - in minutes you can have exactly the perfect design for your scrapbook project !

Use the Celtic Knot Font to create backgrounds, borders, photo frames, embellishments, stencils, stickers, cards and more.

With the Pattern Packs, get hundreds of fully editable and scaleable royalty-free designs made with the Font - better than clip-art!
Use them as-is or modify to suit your needs.


Celtic knot border scrapbook element
scrapbook heart
Celtic knot scrapbook element
Celtic knots scrapping element
Celtic scrapbook element Celtic scrapbooking element
Celtic knotwork scrapbook element
Celtic scrapbook embellishment
Sharon of created these for her scrapbooks using the Celtic Knot Font.


Celtic knot heart border

Celtic knot border

Renaissance wedding invitation Celtic wedding invitation

The Celtic Knot Font makes wonderful borders!

Celtic knot hearts

Celtic knot corners

It's easy to make decorative interlaced designs in any shape you want.

Celtic diamondCeltic knot diamond blue Celtic knot Celtic hearts

These designs were made with just the Celtic Knot Font and a word-processing program -
no graphics programs needed!

Word Art Celtic knots

round Celtic knotround Celtic heartsround Celtic knotwork

With the Celtic Knot Font in Microsoft Word, you can make all kinds of fancy shapes and color combinations.

silver border

Celtic knot American flag

fancy Photoshopped Celtic knot

Celtic knot star

Irish stencil
Celtic stencil

silver Celtic knotsilver knotwork dividerknotwork shamrock


electric Celtic

Of course, if you have Photoshop or a similar program, you can do amazing things with the Font!

The Celtic Knot Font comes in 6 Styles:
Outline knotwork cross
Filled knotwork cross
Inverse knotwork cross
3D knotwork cross
Charted 12G knotwork cross
Charted 12B knotwork cross
Charted 12G Grid
for cross stitch,
looms, needlepoint
Charted 12B Brick
for beadwork

Celtic divider

Accessory Pattern Packs

The three available Pattern Packs give you hundreds more fully editable royalty-free designs! Use them as-is or modify as desired with the Font. They all work with any Style of the Celtic Knot Font. Vector based, they scale to any size and work perfectly in any graphics program as well.

pattern pack 1 -  royalty free designspattern pack 2 -  royalty free designs

pattern pack 3 -  royalty free designs

Hundreds of royalty free designs in each Pattern Pack!


How does a font make designs?

Each letter you type makes a piece of the design! Put them together any way you want.

keyboardCeltic knot symbols



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